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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The shawl from hell

I started The Shaped Triangle shawl from A Gathering of Lace. I've been wanting to do this shawl for AGES, and I chose the "Nevada" yarn (see pic in last post below this one) to do it in. It was looking beautiful, was draping nicely, and is so blessedly SOFT.

I've had to un-knit the @#$%^& thing, like, 15 times already! For some reason, I keep getting mis-counts on my stitches, and this beautiful yarn has a tendency to "stick" to itself... I wind up knitting stitches together that have no business being, well, together. Arguhhhhhh!!!!

Because I've had to un-knit, the yarn is starting to full just a little bit... so now it's got a little halo texture to it. I'm approximately on row 30-ish, so I don't really have alot started, and I'm tempted, oh so tempted, to just rip the whole thing out and start again. The only problem is, this is the first time I've actually used a "lace weight-ish" yarn (I usually use a fingering weight to make my shawls), and I've put SO much effort into it (it's really not easy for me to use lace weight.... we're talking a WHOLE lotta difference in technique for moi).

Resist the temptation.... must..... resist.... the temptation (to frog)!

On a very plus side..... NY Ren Faire started this past weekend!!!!!! Much fun was had, and I was so happy to see some people that I haven't seen in AGES! We finally have a Friends of Faire (FoF), and I signed up to see how it goes. It's in its infancy, but I see so much potential. Besides, considering REC pretty much destroyed our hang-out at the Grove, we need *someplace* to gather. I wonder what the Pennsic-goers are going to think of the new digs.

On the down side, I was really, REALLY stupid. I forgot to apply my sunscreen and wound up with a nice little burn on my shoulders, behind my neck ( I have shorter hair this season), and the most interesting bodice-burn in creation. I also think I developed a slight case of sun-poisoning. The area on my chest is a bit inflamed. I dug through all my stuff at home, and finally found the spf 45 sunscreen.... it's already packed in my bag for next weekend.

Ah well, we'll see what next weekend brings.... if I don't wind up choking myself on the yarn from the shawl from hell in the meantime.