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Monday, June 13, 2005

Hearty Fun and Embarassment

This past weekend was a fan-fuckin-tablous time! Pam's party was awesome! I was originally supposed to head up Friday afternoon-ish, after work, but since the work-day was longer than I expected, I wound up heading out Saturday around noon instead. Well, talk about a perfect day for swimming, drinking, and all-around comraderie. The water temp in the pool couldn't have been more perfect, the people, as usual, were the best people to hang out with on a hot day, and the eats were awesome.

Of course, I was scrambling around at the last minute trying to find summer-wear clothes that fit... didn't find any, by the way, because I've managed to drop a whole TWO SIZES since last summer. TWO SIZES!!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to have lost all that weight, I feel better, and I'm looking great... but dayum!... now I've got to go shopping, and I really, REALLY HATE shopping. Not to mention, it left me with pretty much nothing to wear to the party. Even my swimsuit didn't fit anymore... I was popping out left and right all day! Even Pam commented that it was time for a new suit *laugh*. She was ever so sweet.... rummaging through all her old clothes to see if she had something in my "new" size for me to wear. (thanks sweety)

The only not-so-happy thing that happened at the party was my own silly fault. Someone got the longbows out (archery paraphenalia), and of course, loving archery as I do, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon, grabbed myself a bow and some arrows, and forgetting all the lessons I had learned, preceded to give myself one HELL of a longbow hickey to my left arm. It hurt like a mo-fo for about 5 minutes, but I really didn't think anything of it. Well, an hour later my arm was already starting to sport a lovely purpling bruise on the inside of my elbow, followed by even more, though smaller, bruises down along the inside of my forearm. By the next morning, I looked like I had been beaten (not in the "good" way), and could have been an actor on some PBS after-school special touting how abuse is running rampant in the suburbs. Oh my friggin' lord.... it's HORRIBLE. It looks horrendous, and I had to go to work today! Thankfully, it doesn't hurt at all.... but it looks awful!

So, everyone at work had who saw it (you can't miss it) had to ask what happened, so I wound up relaying the story about 12 times. But that's not the worst. I had to do some shopping after work today. Went to Shoprite to pick up some things, and caught a few funny stares being aimed my way. But, that's still not the worst of it. Oh, no. Some random lady whom I've never seen before approaches me "delicately" and says, "I realize it's none of my business, dear, but I would encourage you to leave whoever it was that did that to you IMMEDIATELY and without haste. No one deserves to be treated that way, and you are too young to live with a lifetime of THAT!" Ack! I had to then swiftly reassure her that it was an archery accident, and not some beefy man out to get his kicks by beating up on his girlfriend. She didn't seem to believe me until I finally reenacted the whole damn incident, waving my arms about in the store, positioning as if to let loose an invisible arrow at the produce section, and reiterated that I do NOT allow men to hit me... randomly. Then SHE got embarrassed and it was my turn to calmly tell her that I appreciated her concern and that it took real guts to walk up to a stranger and offer them some smart advice. Oy, I'm still rattling my head around that that whole incident. And yes, you can stop laughing now.

That was my day in a rather cracked nutshell. As for work, the study I did today went perfectly.... and it damn well should, as it's the third freakin time I've had to repeat it. I also figured out that in the last month I've spent about $10,000 of corporate money to set up my own lab area with all my bright and shiny pipettes and appliances and stuff. And that's just to get me functional.... the actual "organization" comes later. YIPE!

I plan to attend Celtic Fling in PA in a couple of weeks.... yayyyyyy me! Can't wait to go.... it'll be another first for me. I'm hoping to attend a bunch of different venues this season, and now that I've got the income to support it.... go me! hehehehe