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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Tired, but satisfied

Okay, get your minds out of the gutter! Not THAT kind of satisfied, silly.

This week was extremely busy for me at work. I ran three seperate studies, and today I get to run the ELISA's (assays) for those three studies. Some surprising results with the compounds, which are all positive. I've been putting in approximately 10-11 hour days for the last three days, and today will probably be about 9 hours or so. The good news is that this lets me either take off early Friday, or better yet, get the day off.

I am excited about Friday... I get to drive over to Aries' home and we leave for Penn-Renn! Whooo Hoooo... another renaissance faire! Of course, I also get to meet up with a very sexy and handsome rogue for the weekend, which is a plus as well! Partying with the Ram.... how can anyone go wrong with that?! And to top it off.. the faire is just across the street from where we'll be staying... convienent to those of us who will probably be too toasted to navigate a car. It's going to be one hell of a party weekend!

The only mild downer about this weekend is that mom will be going for her surgery this Friday (her birthday). When I realized that I had scheduled myself to leave the same day as her surgery, and offered to cancel the trip, she emphatically told me "NO" (long "discussion" resulted in my going... yep, lost the fight to the excited German mother). But, I'll be calling her all weekend, just to make sure she's all right. Dad's going to be with her all day during the surgery, and quite frankly, the doctor would prefer NOT to have a parade of people in his office. Her spirits are relatively high, though she's still a little trepidatious about how she's going to look afterwards, and whether it's more invasive than what is guessed at at this point. I'm a little concerned that if she winds up having to go into the hospital (if it turns out to be more invasive), dad's going to go stir crazy at home. This would be the first time that HE has had to wait at home while SHE is (possibly) in the hospital. WE had to do this three times for dad already with his heart attacks, but he's never had to be the one sitting at home waiting. Either way, I'm going to be a little unfocused this weekend, but hopefully with the crowd I'm hanging out with, they'll take me under their wing(s), get me stinking drunk, and understand when I go off in my own mind for a little while. (Aries... note the "get me stinking drunk" part! *wink*)

I have a new phone and a new wireless service!!!!! I can actually make and HEAR a call from my home now, as well as from anywhere else I try to use it! Yayyyyy, me. I've finally ditched AT&T (little shits) and am now a Verizon customer. And, according to some friends from faire... I'll be able to get service at the Tux and at NYRF to boot! The number's still the same, folks... yep, I ported over my number... not mass mailings for new info... so go ahead and call me already! *laugh*

My creative side is kicking in again, and I'm so happy to be writing. Though I'm still trying to find time between work, home, etc, it's flowing a little more easily now. It amazes me how creativity can become stagnant when it's not constantly utilized. Thank the gods that it's still inherent within me.

I've also started knitting/crocheting for my winter-time donations. In case you don't know, every winter I make articles of clothing (hats, scarves, mittens, shawls, blankets, etc) to donate to charities across the US. I donate to Native American Reservation Families in ND, as well as nursing homes within my area, children's wards in hospitals (cancer caps), and of course, animal shelters in NYC, as well as nearer to home. I've decided that, since money is still a little "tight", and since I'd really like to get each of my wonderful friends a gift (but can't really afford that plan), that anyone of you who is willing to accept a donation in your name, post your preferred request (where you'd like the donation sent) here, and that will be your Yule gift. I will include your name (you can opt NOT to have it included) as the person who requested that particular donation be made, on the tags I enclose with all my donations.

Simply let me know the following:

1. Do you wish your name to be included?
2. What type of item(s) (yes, you can request more than one) would you like made? (hat, scarf, mittens, shawl, lap robe, critter blanket)
3. Would you like the donation to be made for a child or an adult?
4. And pick one of the following places to donate to:

- animal shelter (critter blankets)
- children's cancer ward (children)
- Native American Reservation (adult and children)
- nursing home (adult)

I will happily post updates when these items have been sent, and who requested them (if you'd like).

Well, it's time for work, so I'll sign off for now.... updates to follow. :)