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Friday, October 15, 2004

Some days really ARE diamonds....

Though the beginning of this week started off slow (and sleepy) for me, the end of it sure made up for it.

First... I'VE GOT MY NEW PHONE! Yayyyy, me! I'm lovin' it, especially the reception... I can even talk to people from my home now! Of course, the first thing I did was to download a wolf graphic as my wallpaper... well... did you expect anything less? *grin* I even called home when I was 5 minutes away, just so I could talk to mom on.... get this... SPEAKER-PHONE! I'm such a geek. *giggle* So give me a call so I can hear my new ringtones!

Second, today I arranged to have off the next two Sundays, so I can party with Mourn on the 23rd, and Kath on the 30th... at least, I HOPE I've gotten the dates right. I'll still have to go in those mornings, but I WON'T have to leave the parties early, I CAN drink (if there are places to crash overnight), and I WILL be sleeping for a good portion of the next day once I get back home!

Work is going excellently, and I really, REALLY am looking forward to them offering me a full-time, permanent postion. It would be awesome! I'm learning more than I ever dreamed, and I'm able to bring some of my own knowledge and experience to the table as well. I'm now fully in charge of all the intra-tracheal studies, as well as half of the orally dosed studies. The weekend work that I will be doing (as overtime... which rocks) will be helping out yet another project... so they're utilizing my skills/knowledge everywhere! It's great! The only downside (though not related directly to the company) is that, as I'm still a temp, I'm still not eligible for 1) the company's health benefits (which would be a minimal cost as to what I'm paying for private insurance right now), 2) company holidays/time off... though I'll get paid through the placement agency for Thanksgiving... the company is closed that Friday... so, no pay for me on that day... bummer. I also won't be getting paid for Christmas or New Year's, because they fall on a Saturday (and I don't normally work Saturdays). I'm definitely going to have to talk to my placement agency about their holiday pay policies... that sucks! About the only "benefit" I really get is that if I work over 40 hours a week, I get time and a half overtime pay. That's the ONLY "benefit" to being a temp with this particular placement agency. Ah well, I'll just have to make sure that I excel so much that the company I'm working with decides they can't do without me. *grin*

Mom is doing WONDERFULLY! She went to the doctor today and he removed the sutures... it looks so good, considering. He was SHOCKED that she doesn't have even a miniscule sign of bruising... no black eye what-so-ever! He's amazed! Mom just casually mentioned that it's her "good German stock" origins that had something to do with it. *laugh* She's such a wisenheimer. It really does look good, and it's healing nicely. The doctor told her and dad to expect that the bright red coloring will change to pink, and eventually lighten up, but it will take anywhere from 3-6 months. I'm thinking (knowing my family's history), that it's going to be closer to a year before it's gone as much as it will go. Either way, mom is doing great, her spirits are high, and she's really happy to have those itchy sutures out.

I really over-extended myself this past faire season (including PARF), in terms of finances. As it is, I had to wait for my direct deposit today so I could mail out the bills the checks were already written for. Next week will be similar, but after that I should be back to making more than the minimum payments. I thank the gods every day I'm employed, and hey, one word... OVERTIME! *chuckle*

Speaking of PARF... there is only one word to describe it.... BEAUTIFUL! What an amazing faire! I was amazed at how it was laid out... like a town... and so clean! I met some really great people who I hope to see again next year, flirted with some very handsome rogues, and hell, I partied with the RAM! There was a little tension/drama that I was directly involved in over my weekend at PARF, but for the most part, I can honestly say that I had the time of my life and hope to go back!

Anyhow, that's my week (and an update) in a nutshell. This weekend I'm looking forward to doing nothing more than laundry (hey, it's piling up again), sleeping, relaxing, and perhaps I feel another poem or two coming on. I'll also be working on my knitting donations, as well as some choice gifts for some of my friends. *wink*