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Monday, August 30, 2004

The need for recovery

Well, it was one hell of a ren-faire weekend! Though I could have done without all the excessive heat and humidity (especially on Saturday), it was great! Nice weather, great friends, and, well, let's just say that by the end of Sunday, I felt like I had been ridden hard and put away wet! (winking to all of you who were there.... my audience *takes a bow*)

I even re-made a friendship with someone I was rather dreading to see, which just makes me feel sooooo very much better. He's a great guy, too, and also didn't want our friendship to end because of a stupid misunderstanding. I also saw another friend who I haven't seen in over a year and he's still got the bestest hugs anywhere! Hope he'll come up to the Tux again before the end of ren-season.

Much unrest abounded this weekend, and much of it was totally unexpected. For those involved, I am heartily spinning my magick to the four winds... prayers of change, illumination, foundation, and growth are sent your way. May Mother Earth and Father Sky see us all through this troubled time, and into a new beginning. To all those involved, I love you ALL, and I am here for you.

I've started another shawl, though currently there really isn't much time for knitting. Between work during the week, and partying ren-faire style on the weekends, I'm beat! And I must just add... I'm really looking forward to this weekend's THREE-DAY-LABOR-DAY FAIRE!!! Whoooooo Hoooooooo!!!!

Unfortunately, due to circumstances no one was expecting, this year's ritual at the Tux gazebo will not be held. However, we WILL be holding a drumming circle at Ren Faire (probably in the Grove, unless anyone has any better suggestion as to where to have it). The theme will be a "Releasing Ceremony"... releasing old habits, problems holding us back, etc. I have extra drums for others to beat on, but don't let the absence of a drum stop you from joining in! Anything and everything can be used to add rhythm and compliment to the drums. Hell, I've even played with a couple of sticks, stones, and even once a pair of cans! So please feel free to come and join us, it should be a lot of fun! Don't feel like joining in? Not a problem... come and observe if you'd like, or just come for a moment and feel the energy we raise. We (hopefully) will also have a Spirit Dancer in attendence, so come and watch the magick unfold!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I'm NOT dead.... despite what you may think

I've just been so damned tired, that the energy I usually use to write in my blog is wasted on more frivolous things like eating, showering, and crawling into bed. *grin*

This is the first ren faire season in, oh, two or three years, where I've actually had a full-time (and then some) job during the week. I love the job, and I love faire, but damn! I'm exhausted!

Memo to self: do not VOLUNTEER for a project that will take 11 hours to complete. It's okay to have the supervisor ASK you if you'd like to do it, and then accept it, but henceforth.... NO VOLUNTEERING. And I used to wonder how I got myself into these things.

Yep, had a huge, long study today, but finally I made it home. Then I realized exactly how long it's been since I updated, and because I love you all so very much, I decided to write. *smile*

Ren faire is going GREAT! Emerald and I have been rooming together and I have to say.... we get along great. (hugs to Emerald) Thank the Goddess that we're alike it the basic human tenets, like respect for each other, otherwise we'd be at each other's throats all weekend. And Emerald, regarding the other thing you apologized for last night.... don't sweat it. I appreciate the apology, but I think both of us realize our friendship with each other is more important that something like that. I wuv voo!

Work is also going terrific. I've been put in charge of the work with the rats, mainly the intra-tracheal dosing aspect, so that we can develop a model to help patients (eventually) with COPD. They were so impressed (as they put it) with my knowledge and skills, that they felt it was the right course of action to hand over that project to me. Obviously, though, I'll be con-fabbing with others. Yes, it's still a temp position, but I'm still hopeful.

I haven't been doing any knitting what-so-ever since faire started... I just don't have the energy. I have handed off two healing/comfort shawls to friends at faire, but nothing new has been in the works recently. I miss it, but I also am thankful that it's not yet another thing that NEEDS to be done right now.

I'm also working on the annual ritual to be held in the gazebo at the Tux motel on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Emerald is also con-fabbing with me on this (thanks). There are a few select participants who will have direct parts to do during the ceremony, but everyone is welcome to attend. We will be raising a lot of power, and last year's Wishing Bowl will be back again this year. I will also be bringing more Love My Goat wine to drink during the ceremony, as well as to party with afterwards. *laugh*

I've also got two rose wars on my hands... one is for a gentleman that was down in the dumps.. and get this... I don't know him, and he doesn't know me... how cool is that?! The second, and more mysterious one, is one that wasn't even started by me. I received an anonymous rose which started the whole thing off... I don't even know if the sender is male or female. It's driving me batty! And a small part of me wishes I didn't promise NOT to stalk DarkAngel when she delivers mine back to the sender. There I go VOLUNTEERING again.... geesh.

Well, time for shower, and perhaps some time to work on the ritual....

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Whew, what a weekend

Well, this past weekend was the opening of New York Ren Faire (NYRF), and what a weekend it was. It was GREAT to see everyone, especially since I tend to hibernate during the winter months. I'll be coming back just about every weekend, so expect wild and crazy things to happen!

Of course, as with any faire season, drama was around... I just didn't expect it to darken my door before I even hit site, let alone occur through just about the entire weekend. There were a few annoying moments when I wanted to enter the realm of the Dark Goddess and smack down some individuals that just WOULD NOT leave me the hell alone. Thankfully, I did not make that dark journey, because entering that realm when tired is dangerous, to both myself and the ones my immediate ire is directed at.

I became quite uncomfortable at one point during my stay at the Tux, and have a resulting decision to make in regard to a friendship. More of an "acquaintanceship" really, as I hardly ever see this person, but a decision none-the-less. When I become uncomfortable with a situation (especially being the freaky-deaky person that I am), you know something has gone horribly wrong. Besides, it involves (indirectly) another person I consider a friend, and some serious wrongs that are being committed without this friend's knowledge. Though I WON'T divulge the goings-on to this friend, I must consider severing all ties with the person performing the wrong-doing. I cannot justify the path that this individual is taking, and quite frankly, cannot simply stand by and watch my friend's confidence, love, and soul being trampled and tossed aside as if so much flotsum. This friend deserves better than the lack of love, lack of conscience, and total lack of respect that was shown at the Tux this weekend. It will hurt, mainly because I have NEVER had to break a friendship/acquaintanceship for reasons so blatantly disgusting and disrespectful. But, I have to consider that by remaining in close quarters with this individual, I myself am condoning and sanctioning this person's actions... and that I cannot and WILL NOT do!

On a more ren-ish note: They've put a "pond" in the grove where we rennies tend to gather and hang out... A POND, yeah right! More like a mosquito housing project gone horribly wrong. So now, it seems that the NYRF has moved it's faire to..... Egypt's mosquito festival! That's right folks... for the bargain privalege of PAYING $19 dollars a day to get into site, you too can sit and converse between the Greater West Nile (the huge stagnant pond) and the Lesser West Nile (the "new" "pond"). So come on by, pick up a few parasites, and make some friends! Who knows, maybe you'll get married and have a bunch of larvae one day! Ugh, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!? seemed to be the question of the day this weekend.

There was a beautiful ceremony for Draco at Lundegard on Saturday led by none other than Draco's "brother", Gardo. A plaque was hung in his honor at Lundegard, and it is fitting and right. I cried (sorry, couldn't help it) at the number of people who attended, and at the words spoken. Draco's wife and children were in attendance, and held up like troopers... strong, and together as a family. I forgot the shawl I had made for Pam, but I'll be sure to bring it to faire the next time she's there.

I haven't seen much in the way of chew toys this year, but the season is young. *grin*

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Ebay elite?

I can't believe some of the starting prices on yarn at Ebay. Just a couple years ago, I could find quite a few really great deals on yarn (to support my knit/crochet habit). Hell, even the "high end" yarns were found in mass quantities for good bargins. Now, however, it seems (in MY opinion, and only in my OPINION) that Ebay's sellers of yarn are now trying to all become elite sellers, only catering to those with $$$ to spend in mass quantities. I mean, some of the starting bids are OUTRAGEOUS... even higher than buying the very same yarn at a LYS or craft store. WTF??? And forget about the shipping charges these people have the gall to charge! I mean, when I can go online and investigate shipping charges myself, and find out that the package they intend to send me would only cost me $5.00, why then, do these people have the audacity to say they charge $15.00 in shipping?! OUTRAGEOUS!!! It's almost gotten to the point where the little guy (like me), the one that can't afford $10.00 a skein for some higher end yarn, can't even find a bargain anymore on Ebay. And just as a side vent: I will admit that I'm getting pretty pissed off at some of the people outbidding me for the very few yarns I DO find at a deal. Don't get me wrong, I would never begrudge someone outbidding me, if it weren't for the fact that there are three people who constantly outbid me ALL THE FUCKIN' TIME! Arguhhhhhh!!! It's just so damned annoying! Okay, end of vent... thanks for listening.

As for my knitting news: I've gotten rather far on the Stora Dimum shawl, and I'm just praying to the yarn gods that I don't run out of yarn! I've completed row 132, and I only have 3 balls left (170 yds/ball)... I'm hoping it's enough, because if it isn't, I'm going to have to rip out the whole blasted thing and start over with something else (I can't get more of this yarn). According to the pattern, I do have enough yardage, and yes, I do tend to get a little nervous when I see something dwindling down and I'm not yet finished... so we'll have to wait and see.

The New York Ren. Faire is starting this coming weekend and I can't wait! I'll be so happy to see the friends I haven't seen all year, not to mention the new shows, booths, and apparantly, a new grove! That's right, they've completely overtaken the grove with plans for a fountain in the cement circle, and get this... flowers encompassing the entire "tree". Looks like we won't be able to "playtron" there anymore... and hell, they've been trying to get rid of us from there for years now. However, there is the possibility of perhaps moving our "hang out" to the Queen's grove. Hopefully security and recfair won't kick us out of there. I think that if they don't allow us someplace else to gather, we, as the main source of their income, should band together and decide on a weekend in the dead middle of faire and say "Hey, you screw us, we'll screw you... right where it hurts.... in your wallet". I think that our contingency should be to boycott faire for one weekend (in the middle of the season) and show them how much we have, and continue, to support them by our very presence. Just a thought to keep in mind.