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Saturday, June 26, 2004

They're here!

Well, this morning we picked up my brother, sister-in-law, and two nephews from the airport. No problems what-so-ever. They arrived on time, went through the gate, and saw me and my mother holding up signs for the little ones. It was so cute! Connor is definitely the more reserved of the two, but what a cutie. And talk about the spitting image of my brother! Little Wyatt is wonderfully outspoken without a single reserved bone in his little body.

When we got home, those two little bundles of energy just exploded! Of course, the parents were pretty much wiped out from being up late last night packing and getting ready. We set up a little pool for them in the back yard, and I wound up having to dig out every last one of my old stuffed animals for them. They each have a fortress guard of creatures around their beds. It's just too cute for words!

There were a few times when they got a wee bit mouthy with their parents, but really it was due to being over-tired and over stimulated. However, one the other hand, mouthiness is NOT an option.

And the dimples are EVERYWHERE! Ooooo, I just want to eat those little guys right up! Sorry, I didn't realize how much of a doting aunt I was until I saw those dimples.

In knitting news: I actually found some time tonight (after the nephews were in bed) to get a couple more rows of the teal faroese shawl completed. I also found some time to peruse some patterns in the "I want to try this category" and now I just have to choose some yarns from my stash.

The job is going great, and I'm thinking of rewarding myself after a month of working by buying (for the first time ever), some of the "higher-end" yarns. Still haven't decided what, or what for, as yet, but I will.

Okay, starting to babble and falling asleep at the computer. Those kids wiped ME out today. More updates soon.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Insomnia sucks!!!

It's 2:00 a.m. and I've got the WORST case of insomnia. I'm so exhausted between working a full day at the new job, and then coming home and working again getting the house ready for my brother's visit. I'm pooped! My legs are hurting something fierce... due, mostly, to my previous 5 month inactivity, and now having to walk up and down flights of stairs and standing on my feet all day. But, I hope to remedy that problem in part... today I bought my first pair of gel insoles. Yep, now I can say "I'm gellin' like a fellon", just like the commercial! Hopefully, this will help some in the achy foot, let, back department.

I hate having insomnia... I'll be doubly exhausted tomorrow during work.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Link - Shamanism

This site was suggested to me by Steph of was it the pagan remark? Thanks Steph! What a great reference site for totems. I recommend everyone interested in their spirt guide's meanings to visit this site. It's awesome!

Shamanism Working With Animal Spirits Core:


Our site is simple. We have no dogma, no rituals, no human teachers. We charge no fees. We accept no gifts.

We come to this place in space and time to share our teachings and to be a part of this intricate weaving of shared knowledge. Each of us has determined our placement.

This site speaks to your soul. Each of you has been a member of all the cultures, all the races and all the religions that have graced Earth.

We invite you to walk with us through our tapestry... and to awaken knowledge that lies deep within your soul. "

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Too tired to think of a title ;)

Not much knitting content, I'm afraid. I only completed another 4 rows of the teal faroese shawl over the weekend. That's about it for knitting related posting. *grin*

The job is going great! So great, in fact, that I'm running my own experiement this week... today, actually. And my supervisor is on vacation, yet still he has enough faith in me to let me do it without him being there. Whoooo hoooo! I'm tired, though. Between learning all the new stuff (of which there's a lot), and walking up and down flights of stairs all day, I'm pooped! Add to that the fact that I've had no time to relax, even this past weekend, because of all the cleaning/organizing in preparation for my brother's visit this weekend. *yawn*

I heard back from the corporate health center about my MMR titer. Seems my body likes to "eat" the vaccination for measles, so I had to get another booster yesterday. Gotta love nurses that can give an injection with absolutely NO PAIN! Funny thing, though. This morning while drinking coffee and cruising the computer, I stretched to wake up my muscles and the next thing I knew I had a nosebleed! I couldn't believe it! Took a good 20 minutes to stop, and nothing since. I called the health center and told the nurse what had happened. I explained that the only thing I could connect was the fact that I had the MMR vaccine yesterday. According to her, there is no correlation... that it ususally occurs from having a dry nose. (those with allergies can totally related to "dry nose syndrome") Her recommendation? Stick a little vaseline up the nose. *laugh* Firstly, I was a work, in a lab, with no vaseline in sight. Second, I thought about this after I got off the phone... I could feel it coming from the sinus, so I'm not sure if it would qualify as "dry nose", but I could be wrong. Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be any indication that it's going to happen again.

I think that Crow totem is trying to tell me something. Remember that little rhyme that refers to the Crow?:

One means Sorrow,
Two means Mirth,
Three a Wedding,
And Four a Birth.

Well, on my way offsite to smoke a cig, I saw One, and it brought to mind that little ditty. Then, on the way back into my building, I saw two. And then, out the window of my floor, I saw three. I'm waiting for the four(th) to show up. Guess I'll have to see what message Crow is trying to bring to me. Honestly, I'm just too tired to look it up right now, and yes, I know that totems tend to "bitch slap" procrastinators. ;)

That's it for today... I'm heading to bed! ZZZZZZZzzzzzz

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Witch's Weekly - Your Spirituality

June 18, 2004
Your Spirituality

Do you feel that you are active in your spirituality?

I would have to say yes and no. I am not as active as I probably should be. Limitations are in place that include having had to move back home with the folks... and I'm not "out" with them, lack of time (especially now with a new job), and yes, a slight "laziness" at times. However, I do meditate when it's quiet and I won't be disturbed, and that's when I commune with my totems and spirit guides. I also do some focused energy work / spells when I feel there is a need.

What do you consider to be the most tedious task in your path?

I would say rituals. Not so much because I view them as "tedious", but rather that this is where my slight laziness comes into play. Doing a full-blown ritual at home is practically impossible without interruption and without giving myself away to the folks. However, I do try to do something on the sabbats and when I really get shaman-slapped by my spirit guides. I do not do regular meditations or rituals, and this is something that I'm trying to improve on.

What is your most enjoyable part of your spirituality?

My totems and my ability to focus my energies into positive action. I love communing with my totems... I go to my shaman-space and learn, and share, and have fun. I also love it when I focus on something and see it bear fruition. That's my "reward".

Critter Blankets received!!!

My donations to the Critter Knitathon have been received! Thank the goddess... I was worried they wouldn't get there fast enough. Here are the pics of my blankets. The photos are courtesy of The Critter Knitter's Coalition. I've included the individual picture links below so save time in downloading (they're a little big).

Photo 1 (includes the Triple C blanket in the top left corner)
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6 (the two purple and one red blankets are made from wool!)
Photo 7
Photo 8
Photo 9
Photo 10

Friday, June 18, 2004

Early Rising

Well, if figures, I'm starting to wake up before my alarm goes off. Don't you just HATE that?! I had a whole nother 15 minutes to sleep... grrrr. *grin*

The company I'm temping for, because they don't want to have to pay overtime, is letting me go home early instead today. It's only 2 1/2 hours over for the week, but hey! I still get to leave early! Granted, I'd prefer the $$$$$ for the overtime, rather than the comparable time off, but I guess I understand their reasoning.

Anyway, I just heard the coffee pot finish perking.... I'm off for my caffeine fix!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

One week down, 49 to go

Well, tomorrow marks the completion of my very first week at my new job. Let me tell you, there is no possible way that I CAN'T lose weight at this job. First of all, I work between two floors. My office, and some of the work is done on floor 3, and the other work and the lab is on 4. Between running up and down stairs today alone, I bet I lost at least 5 pounds! Taking the elevator isn't an option, because I would have to walk just as far to get the silly thing. Oh, and I enter the building on floor 5 every morning. LOL

All in all, though, I'm having a great time, and learning a lot! My supervisor is already having me do my own study next week... while he's away on vacation. He told me that since my techniques are so good, and since I seem to pick new things up at the drop of a hat, that he has every confidence that I'll do fine. Now THAT'S what I like to hear... if makes me feel good that someone like that has faith in me and my abilities.

Hehe, the head supervisor asked me today how my first week was going, and I laughingly told him I'm still in the "Christmas present" phase... giddy and excited to be there. He laughed and said "Good, keep up the good work".

Praise be!!! It looks like Knitter's Magazine took the Flash program off the site and reverted back to the original! Whooooo Hoooooo!!! So far so good.... let's see if it remains that way. Hey, I'm sorry if some of the elite few liked to visit the site while the Flash was up, but let's face it. If it didn't accomodate the large number of us who COULDN'T access the site, that's revenue lost to Knitter's. Not to mention, that since quite a few of us actually purchase XRX books, rather than loan them out or something, it's only fair that Knitter's provide a high level of "customer service/satisfaction" to us. Besides, this way, the site is accessible by EVERYONE, and thereby, EVERYONE is happy.

I haven't knitted a stitch on the teal faroese shawl. I've been way too tired to even pick up the knitting needles. And it doesn't look like I'll get much done on it this weekend, either. I'll be busy cleaning and organizing the downstairs in preparation for my brother's family's visit.

The deer around my home have been going nuts lately... running like something's coming... back and forth across the yard at different times during the day. I think that something BIG is coming, I'm just not sure what. I haven't been sensing anything inky in the ether, but then again, I've either been too busy to focus, or just too plain tired. I think I'll take some time to meditate this weekend and see if I can find anything.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Knit Mag woes

Did you ever get so frustrated that all you wanted to do is pull your hair out? I received a reply (indirectly) from the new webmaster at Knitter's Magazine Online. If you've been following my posts, the new webmaster has seen fit to utilize a Flash program for the hugely popular and very public knitting magazine. This is also the most comprehensive source of knitting pattern errata (corrections) available. I had written about my problems with utilizing the Flash program and it crashing my computer. I also wrote that I'm not the only person experiencing this problem. The new webmaster's answer? Go to the site where he/she has set up a link to DOWNLOAD the Flash program. I have two huge problems with this. One, to get to the link you have to GO THROUGH Flash... which, of course, crashes the computer. Brilliant! (in case you missed it, this is sarcasm) Second, I have a very old computer, with little memory left, so downloading yet another program is not friggin possible. I wrote back (yet again) that I have visited sites where the main page is html WITH A LINK/CHOICE of whether you wish to view it in html or Flash. I don't understand why Knitter's can't do this as well?!?! WTF? So, to view ONE website, I have to overload my memory or get rid of key programs, just to be able to DOWNLOAD a program to use FOR ONE SITE? I know I'm not the only one in the world that has an old computer, and that can't afford to go out and buy a new one, just to utilize a program THAT ISN'T NECESSARY TO RUNNING THE WEBSITE. To say the least, I am highly displeased and downright irritated that this hasn't been thought of (nor really addressed) to date. Get rid of the Flash.... it's not necessary to running the site and I'm not the only one having problems....you will eventually lose revenue from people unable to access the site. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize this!

Vent over.

Now, I started my new job today... BORING in a nutshell. And I've been informed that pretty much this whole first week will be a reflection of today. I showed up at the front gate at 7:45 (15 mins early). They didn't have the updated list with my name on it. So, after explaining who I was and that I was starting today, security had to call the person who I am supposed to work under. Now, I don't know who they called, but whoever it was said I had to go to a different building. So I went. I walk in and approach the security window. Again, I explain who I am and that I start today. They leave a voice message on my "supervisor's" voicemail. 45 mins later, a lady comes down with one sheet of paperwork for me to sign. Great, so now I'm 1/2 hour late to get started. Then she informs me that the healthcare facility hasn't told her the results of my TB test. I told her that I had, in fact, gone and that they told me I was fine. So, also missing TB results.

I'm not sent to the building that I originally interviewed in... the one where I'm actually supposed to work in. I tell the front reception, yet again, who I am and that I start today. She leaves a voicemail on my supervisor's phone. 15 mins later, she pages him over the intercom. Still nothing. At 9:07, FINALLY, someone comes up to get me and it's my supervisor's supervisor. Great, so now I'm over an hour late in getting started. Wonderful.

Then, I'm told that I can't handle the animals until I get checked off by the attending vet that I know what I'm doing. No problem, makes sense to me that they want to know that I can follow through on everything I said I could do. Unfortunately, that won't happen until Thursday. Great.

I also have to attend an orientation on security and safety on Wednesday.

So, today I wound up shadowing a coworker, talking about nothing in particular, walked around the entire complex (with a guide) meeting people and getting office supplies. Boring, to say the least. And tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday will be just as monotonous as today. *sigh* Thank the goddess that it's only for one week... I'd go nuts if this were routine.

Oh, and to top it off? There's no smoking anywhere on site... not just in buildings, but nowhere ON SITE. I can't even sneak out to my car for a cig. So, for a break, I have to DRIVE offsite, smoke a cig and drive back. Well, I guess I'll eventually wind up quitting smoking, huh?

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Tomorrow's the day...

I'm anxiously awaiting tomorrow and the beginning of my new job. Yayyyyyy, money is a GOOD thing! I'm ready to go! hehehe

I managed to organize and condense my yarn stash into the spare room. Now I just have to clean up and organize the rest of the downstairs playroom for my brother's visit and I'll be fine. LOL Near the computer, it looks like a stationary store exploded... all my knitting pattern printouts and trash papers are lying all around. What a mess! The good note? Once organized, I won't need to worry about it again... that is, at least for a couple of months. *grin*

Oh yeah, yesterday I forgot to write that I FINALLY sent out the sixty critter blankets for the Critter Knitathon. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when they open those boxes and count 60 blankets. I know they'll be put to good use, and I'm glad I could help. I get quite a lot of personal satisfaction from my charity work, so it's not completely unselfish. ;)

I'm up to row 21 of my teal faroese shawl. Unfortunately, I found out that the Knitter's Online Magazine, which contains any errata for these books, is under the management of a new webmaster. Apparantly, this one like to use Flash. The problem is my computer doesn't. It crashes and closes down my IE every time I try to get into the site. I've written to one of the editors, and she's promised to forward my message onto the webmaster. I'm not the only one experiencing problems either. I've received no less than 17 messages (and they keep coming in) from people having similar problems. I hope they take the Flash program off real soon. Personally, I think that, yes, if even a minority of people can't get to the site, take the damn thing off and use regular HTML. That way, EVERYONE, can benefit. There's just no good reason, in my opinion, to use Flash.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Witch's Weekly for June 13th - they accepted my questions!

June 13, 2004
Rituals - Meditations

For the first time, some submitted questions! From Rhi! Also we are going to do our best to have these questions up every Saturday! Get us back on track :)

(Well, it's only fair that I answer these, since I thought of them, right? LOL)

1.When performing rituals/meditations, do you associate yourself with the element most closely related to your astrological sign?

Generally speaking, no, I don't. My astrological sign is Pisces, which is associated with the element of water. Oftentimes, I find myself associating more with the element of fire. That is, when I DO align myself with a particular element. For the most part, I utilize all the elements in ritual/meditation.

2. If not, do you associate/align yourself with your moon sign, or something that just "feels right"?

Moreso something that just "feels right". I incorporate all elements (or more often, their animal representatives) in ritual. However, I do associate quite frequently with the Moon herself.

3. Do you follow the typical elements of earth, water, fire, air, spirit? Or do you follow an even more non-traditional association akin to earth, water, fire, metal?

I tend to follow the basic elements of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. Animal or plant representatives, however, are associated all the time in my rituals.

Gray Catbird Totem

Taken from the book Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews:

KEYNOTE: Language and Communication
CYCLE OF POWER: Spring and Early Summer

This dark, slate-gray bird with the black cap is named because of the catlike sound it makes. This bird is a talented and tireless singer with the capability of making a variety of sounds. Its ability along this line, especially in its catlike mewing, hints at a facility with foreign languages.

Those to whom the catbird appears as a totem will find that some new form of communication is going to be learned. This may have to do with the actual learning of another language, although a facility with foreign languages is usually what mockingbirds can teach most effectively. The catbird may simply reflect being able to read people mroe easily.

The catbird is a bit of a busybody. Its presenc should caution you to be extra careful about what you say and to whom. Things will have a greater potential of being made public or being distorted. Its presence can hint at others being overly inquisitive about your own affairs or that you are being so about others.

The catbird usually has two broods in its season. It is also a migratory bird. Its presence can indicate a brief but very fertile period in your life while it is within your environment.

The presence of a catbird as a totem indicates you will be encountering a wider range of people than you are normally in contact with. The catbird usually takes up residenc in the vicinity of humans and their homes. With the catbird as a totem, look for new people coming into your life that will teach you lessons in your ability to communicate.

Alot happening

Wow, today there was alot happening. First, I must say that my dad is the bestest dad in the world. Today we were trimming the hedges (about 12 feet high) when we got to a section somewhere in the middle. While I was holding the ladder, and he was trimming, I noticed that the Gray Catbird parents that built a nest in there were going nuts! I peeked into the hedge, and noticed that the baby bird, which is almost ready for flight, had hopped out of the nest and was perching on a branch. Well, I told my dad that the bird had hopped out and didn't look like it was ready for flight. The wonderful man that he is said, "Okay, pack it in for today, we can do the rest next weekend. We don't want to disturb or scare him anymore than we already have". My dad is the best! I know he really wanted to get the hedge trimmed because the town pick-up is Friday, but he gave it up all for a little bird.

Needless to say, I looked up Catbird and found some wonderful totem info that definitely applies to me. I'll post it in the next post after I get done with this one. For some background information that will apply to that post: I have lost touch with myself in respect to my work/job. I've been accused of having an attitude in past positions, and I can agree with that. I like things done my way, ESPECIALLY if I'm the one doing all the work. This can *sometimes* be problamatic in research, especially if you get a PhD that sits on their ass and doesn't do anything but complain about what YOU do and how you do it. Now, I'm not a stupid woman, and I've been in this field long enough to know that I don't know everything, and I'm always willing to change the way I do some things. However, I don't appreciate others telling me to do things that wind up being performed in a less efficient way, or worse yet, in a way that compromises the research/data. So, over the years, I've become somewhat vocal, but more importantly, I've developed an attitude of silent defiance when confronted by such individuals. This is not a good thing, and Catbird has offered me some insight into this, and how to change it.

I found out today that my brother, sister-in-law, and my two darling nephews will be coming for a visit from Georgia on the 28th!!!! The last time I saw them was YEARS ago when C (the older nephew) was just a wee babe. I have never seen my nephew W, so this will be a first for both of us! I acquired the nickname "Aunt Valium" because everytime I picked C up, even if he just woke up from a nap, he'd go "clunk" with his head on my shoulder and fall right asleep. I am told this is a good thing, that it means the child is comfortable with me, however, I sometimes wonder if I just bored the kid to death. LOL

With the visit pending so closely, this means I'm in for some heavy-duty speed cleaning and organization. They will have to stay downstairs in the playroom on air-mattresses... all four of them. Now, with being unemployed, and knitting/crocheting with all the extra free time, the downstairs now looks like a yarn store exploded. Among that, I also have bags full of clothes that need to go to Good Will, some boxes/bins of stuff left over from my college days, some cabinets that haven't been refinished yet, as well as bins full of garb, patterns, material for the renaissance faire. I don't know what I'm going to do with it all, nor when I'm going to put it. Perhaps into the spare room (which is already overflowing with craft items). And all of this, including the cleaning, needs to be done by the 28th. And on top of that (as if that wasn't enough), I start my job Monday, which means nights and weekends are history for knitting.

Overall, I'm tired just THINKING about it. LOL

M.A.G.I.C.K.A.L. Charity Crafters Award

If you have a website or blog that includes your efforts for charity with handcrafted knitted/crocheted/sewn items, feel free to apply for my award. The M.A.G.I.C.K.A.L. Crafters Charity Ring stands for:

Made And Given In Compassion, Kindness, And Love

All sites/blogs are welcome to either join the Ring, apply for the award, or both! Join in on the fun, and be a part of something bigger than oneself... we are all connected! :)

Just click on the award image below and send me an email request.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Two hours for 5 seconds...

I drove back to Danbury,CT to get my TB test checked. Yeah... a one hour drive BOTH ways for her to run her finger quickly over my arm and tell me I'm fine. Hell, *I* could have told her that over the phone! So I spent two hours driving for that, as well as the gas I wasted for it. (borrowed the folks' car) Geesh, what a pain in the ass. And to top it off, I ran over a little mole today on my way there. :( I saw this little black thing moving around in the middle of the road... hey, I thought it was a leaf or something. That is, until I got closer and saw it CRAWLING. I tried to avoid it, but unfortunately, I wound up driving right over it. At least it was a quick death and relatively painless. So, as a good pagan (tongue in cheek), I looked up mole totem. Now, keep in mind that I honestly believe that mole was not sent for me to "attune" to him, but rather to his prey, which is the Red-tailed hawk (among others). But, one sentence leaped out at me, as well as gave me a grim chuckle while reading it. "In shamanism, they can be guides into the Underworld". Oh, great! So I sent my guide to the Underworld to the Underworld. Good grief, it figures. (See the humor?)

I also got my car back. I still have to do the major repairs, but it should be okay for now. I'll try to work for a couple of weeks to get the $1000.00 needed for those repairs. I didn't even look to see what the bill was for today, I just had him bill me.

And, to top today off, I had intended to mail my packages to critter knit. Yeah, right. "Day of Mourning" my ass! Now don't get me wrong. I will not bring politics into this blog, but come on. Will the world shut down when I die? I think not. Granted, he was our president at one time, but geesh, gimme a break. So, I have to mail them tomorrow instead, which involves yet another trip.

I did manage another couple of rows on my own faroese shawl and the teal yarn is looking super-duper! Of course, to maintain the theme of the day, I forgot the one mistake I had found previously and wound up frogging what I had done. But undaunted, I knit it right back up again WITH THE CORRECTION! I've been trying to reach the Knitter's Universe site, but everytime I try my computer crashes, so I can't even check their errata to see if they've put one up for the shawl I'm knitting. It sucks!

I guess you can tell from my writing that I'm a bit cranky today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Nine Layers of Rhi-

I thought this was so cool when I saw it done on Silverlotus' blog, so I decided to do the same for myself. If you're interested in getting to know a little bit about me, here's the scoop:


* Name: Rhi- (short for Rhiannon)(real name: Michelle)
* Birth date: March 6, 1967
* Birthplace: New Rochelle, NY
* Current Location: Buchanan, NY
* Eye Color: brown
* Hair Color: dark auburn right now; naturally brown
* Height: 5'9"
* Righty or Lefty: righty
* Zodiac Sign: Pisces

* Your heritage: Oy, this is gonna be a long one: Welsh, Dutch, French, Scottish, Irish, American, English, Polish, and German (I think I forgot a couple)
* The shoes you wore today: mostly barefoot (I love going barefoot in the warmer weather), but also sandals
* Your weakness: anything sweet, especially chocolate, and corn nuts
* Your fears: Insects of all kinds, lava (past life issue), being a disappointment
* Your perfect pizza: meat pizza
* Goal you would like to achieve: finally getting into a position of work that I absolutely love doing, and get paid for it! Maybe something in crafting.

* Your most overused phrase on AIM: "LOL"
* Your first waking thoughts: "I hope the coffee's ready"
* Your best physical feature: My eyes
* Your most missed memory: My first love

* Pepsi or Coke: Coke
* McDonald's or Burger King: Blech, I don't really like either, but if I absolutely MUST have one then Burger King.
* Single or group dates: Both are fine
* Adidas or Nike: Neither, I mostly wear Payless sneakers or better yet, sandals or boots
* Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton, but it has to be the sweetened kind
* Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate, accept no substitutes!!!
* Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee, the magick word. (Or an iced chai tea when at the coffee house)

* Smoke: Yep, though hoping to quit eventually.
* Cuss: Yeah, though I'm working on lowering the frequency
* Sing: Only to amuse myself.
* Take a shower everyday: Yes, usually at night before going to bed
* Do you think you have been in love: Yep
* Want to go to college: I've graduated from two colleges. I'd like to do some night classes, though.
* Liked high school: Not really. I was a clique unto myself.
* Want to get married: Maybe, if the right guy comes along, but for right now, no. I'm enjoying myself too much!
* Believe in yourself: Most of the time, but sometimes I get in a funk.
* Get motion sickness: Yep, but not as bad as in childhood.
* Think you are attractive: Sure do, but then again, we all have our bad days. Of course, the attractiveness is important on the inside, moreso than on the outside.
* Think you are a health freak: Hell no.
* Get along with your parent(s): For the most part.
* Like thunderstorms: I used to HATE them (because of the loud noise), but gradually I've gotten better. Now I look at them as awesome conduits of potential energy to fuel my own energies.
* Play an instrument: I used to play the violin, and the piano. Now, though, I play the doumbek, djembe, and zills!

LAYER SIX: In the past month---
* Drank alcohol: Yes, though not much
* Smoked: Yes
* Done a drug: Hell No
* Made Out: No
* Gone on a date: Nope
* Gone to the mall?: No (hey, I've been unemployed = no money)
* Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: Not this month
* Eaten sushi: Yum! But no, not this month.
* Been on stage: Not recently
* Been dumped: No... don't you need to be dating for that?
* Gone skating: No, it's spring silly.
* Made homemade cookies: No
* Dyed your hair: Yes, just last week in fact.
* Stolen Anything: Never!

* Played a game that required removal of clothing: Yep... ah the good old days of college and Love Dice (the game)
* If so, was it mixed company: Of course... wouldn't have been half as fun without mixed company. ;)
* Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Yep, but learned my lesson!
* Been caught "doing something": No, but I've been heard
* Been called a tease: Nope
* Gotten beaten up: Nope
* Shoplifted: Hell no
* Changed who you were to fit in: No way, I'm me and that's the way it is.

* Age you hope to be married: hmmmm, not really planning on a "time"
* Numbers and Names of Children: Maybe one, someday. Names? I can't even decide if I want kids and you want names?
* Describe your Dream Wedding: Outdoors, in the fall. Blood red roses and green ivy.
* How do you want to die: In my sleep without pain.
* Where you want to go to college: I've been there... Delhi College of Technology (Veterinary Technology degree), and Cornell University (Animal Sciences degree)
* What do you want to be when you grow up: I still have to grow up?!
* What country would you most like to visit: Ireland

* Number of drugs taken illegally: 0
* Number of people I could trust with my life: 4
* Number of CDs that I own: about 75 music CDs
* Number of piercings: 3 holes in each ear
* Number of tattoos: 1
* Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: Twice I think. Once for running for Miss Hemisphere pagent when I was 13, and once when I wrote an article about a concentration camp survivor when I was in high school.
* Number of scars on my body: two that I remember right now.
* Number of things in my past that I regret: We all have regrets... why dwell on them?

Longing for the days

Longing for the days of the horse and buggy. Or better yet, just horseback riding to get from place to place. When, if you didn't have enough money for corn, the horse could graze and still live. (Just kidding)

I spoke to the mechanic just now. Though it's not horrendous, it's not good either. My car is drivable and I will get it back tomorrow. He did the oil/filter change, charged the a/c, checked/filled all fluids and checked all belts. HOWEVER, I need to replace all the hoses in the car (or at least most of them) because they are caput (and their the original hoses from the car). He's doing that tomorrow. But here's the biggie.... I need a new rack and pinion steering (have no idea if I spelled that right). Cost = about $500.00. I also need to replace something in the a/c that's causing a leak. Cost = about $400.00. So added with what has already been done with the car today and tomorrow. Grand total = about $1200.00. I guess it's a good thing I got this job when I did. :( The two major repairs can wait (thankfully) and once I get a few paychecks under my belt I'll arrange to fix them. But, DAMN, when it rains it pours!

I FINISHED THE FAROESE SHAWL!!! I'm not sure that I like the grafting bind off. It seemed a little too complicated for my mind to grasp. Of course, it could have been that I was so frustrated with all the mistakes I found in the pattern that by that time I had just had it. But, the shawl actually came out looking great! Now I just have to wash it and hope that the "fuzz" of the brushed acrylic doesn't totally come off and leave me with a thready shawl. I hope my friend will like it.

I intend to clean the shawl (after it's washed) by running it through some sage smoke. Once done, I'll meditate on infusing it with healing/comforting energies and then it's ready for her to wear.

I've also just cast on for the same shawl... but for MYSELF! I'm doing this one in a beautiful teal color. Though it's the same brand of yarn, this cone seems to be a bit thicker, which suits me just fine. I hopefully will be able to take some pics of each of them and post them here in the future.

It's official, I start at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning in my new job. The weird thing is that this company has some inane policy about bringing in your birth certificate or passport the first day. Something to do with immigration/export laws. They just want to be sure I'm an American and won't be deported in the next month, I guess. Had to scramble around looking for my birth certificate, but found it. Also found my expired childhood passport.... what a funny kid I looked like! Cute face, but pageboy haircut! Ewwwwwww. *grin*

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Faroese woes

Not much news today.

I went and had my TB test done, as well as the MMR titer so I can start working at the new facility. Yeah... they wanted to just give me a measles vaccine without taking the titer! I said NO WAY. I see no reason to be vaccinated again unless my titer is low, then okay. So I had to wait for 30 minutes until the person at the facility called back to "authorize" it (because it's more expensive, and they are after all, paying for it). Hey, too bad. Don't just assume that I'm going to sit by like a lump on a log when it's MY health and MY body that's being discussed. So now the only thing left to do is drive all the way up there again on Friday to have them look at my arm and tell me that I DON'T have TB.

In knitting news: I only did a little bit today on the faroes shawl. I completed row 96. That pattern is giving me the biggest headache. Stitch counts are coming out wrong all the time and I'm having to adjust constantly. Like I said in a previous post, it's really annoying when you spend the money on a published pattern, only to find horrendous mistakes that screw up the whole thing. But, at least I'm able to figure it out to some degree. On one row, I was supposed to
k3,[k2tog,k5] 7 times and wind up with 45 sts. Yeah, right! I wound up with something like 63 sts! So, I had to decrease along the next row a bunch of times, just to get the right count. I can only HOPE that it doesn't mess with the drape of the shawl. It's the shoulder shaping, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm also hoping that the yarn doesn't complete get messed up when I'm done and washing it. The brushed acrylic is really fuzzing, and I'm worried that once washed, all the fuzz will disappear and I'll be left with a "stringy shawl". I'll let you all know how that goes. :)

I'm surprised at how easy it is for me to get into a meditative state with my knitting. I mean, I usually use my doumbek or djembe (drums, for the layperson) to get into my meditative state. I find myself actually swaying to the click of the needles as I'm knitting. Once I went so deeply into that state, that I forgot what I was knitting and wound up with a really wide, long scarf.... it was supposed to be a small square blanket. Frogged forever to get it back to it's original size. :)

Tomorrow the car goes into the shop... I only hope there's no major problems and that by doing the whole "summer work-up" thing I'm avoiding any in the near future.

Wow, just realized for someone with "not much news" to write about, I sure filled a page, didn't I?

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


I accepted the job from the recruiter for the Connecticut facility and I start Monday! Whooooo Hoooooo!!!!! (sorry, couldn't contain my excitement)

Tomorrow I have to drive all the way to Danbury to sign all the paperwork with the recruiter, as well as get a TB test and Measles titer drawn so I can work in the facility. The only down side is I have to drive all the way back up there just to have a doctor look at my TB test and see if I get a reaction. Bummer, but hey.... I'M EMPLOYED NOW SO I DON'T CARE! Oooooo, I'm just giddy!

So, it looks like I'll be able to go to NYRF this summer, though I probably won't go EVERY weekend. I don't know if I'll splurge for a Queen's Pass or not.... just not sure yet. I was talking with a friend of mine today, and we may make some New Hope runs on a couple of weekends, instead of going to faire.

I've completed up to row 77 of the faroese shawl and it's looking great! I even received an email from the editor of Knitter's magazine because someone kindly forwarded to her my knitlist post on my problems with the pattern. She even offered suggestions, but indicated that she didn't write the pattern so she wasn't sure. I emailed her back some of the mistakes I noticed, and she's going to forward the corrections to the author and an errata will be posted. It's nice to know that out of my frustration some good can be accomplished, especially for others.

As I said in yesterday's post, after I finish this shawl for my friend, I definitely want to make one for myself. But I think that after I do that, I want to try some cables, such as the ones in the DNA Scarf.

After I get back from meeting with the recruiter tomorrow, I'm going to finish packing up my critter blanket donations and finally get them in the mail. The box weighs a ton! I didn't realize exactly how heavy it would be, but it's worth the cost of the shipping. Especially since many generous people contributed yarn so I could make blankets out of it.

My car has to go into the mechanic on Thursday for it's summer check-up.... hoses, fluids, ac charging, and oil/filter change. Unfortunately, something is leaking from under the car.... I don't know if it's transmission fluid or oil. I'm hoping it's the latter and I can get it fixed. Yeah, it's alot of money up front that I don't really have, but it's worth it so I can get to my new job without any problems. :)

Did you ever have one of those moments where everything in life in the entire world makes sense and you understand everything? And then just as quickly you "wink out" and none of it makes any sense at all. And epiphany.... I had one of those today. I understood the meaning behind... well... everything; I understood the meaning of life itself. And in the next breath... I didn't understand a freakin' thing. Yep, don't you just love it when that happens?

Monday, June 07, 2004

Decisions, decisions

I got an offer for the job in CT! I haven't officially accepted yet, because I still want to find out if the one closer to home (facility in Tarrytown) is going to make an offer. However, there is a time issue involved. The recruiter I'm going through for the CT job says they would like me to start Monday, however, I would need to go to the recuiter's office in Danbury tomorrow (latest Wednesday) to fill out all the paperwork, as well as get a TB test done. Then I would need to drive all the way back there to have the TB test read by the doctor... which means that the latest I can accept would be tomorrow sometime. I tried getting in touch with the other recruiter for the Tarrytown job, but their phone kept ringing and ringing with no one picking up. She told me today that she would call me back (today) but she didn't. So, bottom line is, I will try to call her again first thing in the morning and find out if Tarrytown is going to make an offer. If she doesn't know, or can't find out in, like, and hour of my call, I will take the job in CT. Either way.... I'M GOING TO BE EMPLOYED! (at least in a temp capacity)

What this means?

1. I can attend ren faire this year! (Hey, it's important to me LOL)
2. I can pay off a good portion of my debts
3. I can't buy more yarn until the debt is paid off, but whoooo hooooo just the same!

Keep your fingers crossed, though, for an offer from Tarrytown... it would be so much more convenient.

In knitting news: I'm up to row 39 of the faroese shawl! And no frogging necessary today! I'm liking it so much that I think I'm going to have to make one for myself after I finish this one. The one I'm planning for myself will be done in a lovely violet/lavendar shade. I've also been toying with the idea of knitting myself a pouch to hold my runes in. I definitely want it made of a natural (plant or animal) fiber, but I'm not sure which would be the best choice. I have so many WIM's (works in mind) that it's hard to keep track of them all!

Witch's Weekly for June 7th

June 07, 2004
Path, Workplace, and Raising Children

What path of Paganism do you follow? (If you take pieces from several traditions, list all of them and why you follow those as well)

Well, I am eclectic, but my major focus is in Native American Shamanism and it's corresponding Animal Magick. I guess I feel more drawn to this system than any other because of it's connection to nature as well as it's community focus. However, I also take bits and pieces from other systems as well including Druidic, Wicca, and Celtic Shamanism.

Are you/would you be open about your spirituality in the workplace/school?

I have been to some degree, but only in one job have I been more "blatant" about it. And the only reason I felt comfortable about it in that job was because there was a co-worker who "did the work" as well. It really depends on what I feel as a vibe from the people I work with. Some I've come in contact with would run screaming from the room crying "Satan Worshiper" upon viewing my pentacle; in fact I had one supervisor actually say that! Of course, I politely explained that, no, I do not worship the devil, I am pagan, but I'm pretty sure she just didn't get it. So yeah, it really depends on my vibe from these people.

If you were in a marriage of separate faiths, how would you raise your children?

Well, I would hope that prior to having children, and in fact prior to getting married, that this would be discussed beforehand. To start, I would have to be with someone who either practiced along the same lines as myself, or at the very least, accepted me for what I am. In the matter of how I would raise children of mine, I'd probably explain to them my beliefs, but also encourage them to research different systems and make up their own mind.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Knitsers = Knitting Blisters

That's right, I've knit (and frogged) so much today I actually developed a knister; a knitting blister. I left off on row 12 last night on the faroese shawl, and got all the way to row 19 when I noticed a HUGE hole in the fabric. Apparantly, I'd dropped a stitch somewhere along the way. And of course, I couldn't find the thing to "pick it up" and fix it, not to mention that the yarn I'm using has a "halo" effect which made it even more difficult. So, I spent the next few hours carefully frogging back to where I had the correct stitches. I'm about up to row 17 again. In my frogging escapades, however, I noticed that I had developed a blister on the outside of one of my fingers... no doubt from trying to hold the needle while frogging. Ouchie!

For all the problems I've been having, the shawl is really looking great. It's in an earthy brown acrylic yarn that has a slight fuzz to it. It's really pretty.... and SOFT. I think my friend will definitely like it, and she can also wear it to ren faire on cooler days.

I can't wait until I get a job, pay off my debts, and I can FINALLY buy a new computer AND A DIGITAL CAMERA. Then I can finally put up some pics of what I'm doing. If anyone who reads this has suggestions on the best kind of digital camera to buy, please... leave a comment.

I still haven't sent out my critter blankets for the knitathon, but I'll probably take them to the post office tomorrow or Tuesday. Yes, I've been lazy, except for knitting, but hey, that's understandable, right?

I did break down and treat myself to two books from B&N.

The first is called: Crafts For the Spirit

From the Publisher
Find inner peace and well-being with 30 remarkable projects to make and the rituals from which they come. Use these diverse objects to care for and lift your spirit, from a wisdom journal for recording prayers, meditations, and personal perceptions to little pillows containing soothing herbs to help you sleep. You don't need to subscribe to a specific belief to benefit from your projects -- just a desire to connect to your soul and to something larger, mystical, and of grace. Whether you choose a Smudge Pot, Chakra Bracelets, or an Amulet Bag, crafting these extraordinary projects will nurture your spirit and creativity. (This is an AWESOME book and I highly recommend it!)

The second is called: Zen Knitting

I haven't read this one through yet, but it looks promising!

I also spent some time making up an award to give to websites/individuals that do charity knitting/crocheting/sewing. Since I made the M.A.G.I.C.K.A.L. Crafters Charity Ring I figured that an award would be the next likely step.

(M.A.G.I.C.K.A.L. = Made And Given In Compassion, Kindness, And Love)

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Should it be modified? Changed completely? or left as is?

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Diligence pays off, at least in theory

In knitting news:
I just about tore my hair right out of my head today. I started a healing shawl for a friend who recently lost her husband to cancer. The shawl I chose to do is the Yellow Faroese Shawl from Best of Knitter's Magazine; Shawls and Scarves. Well, I checked for errata BEFORE starting this project, and there wasn't any, so I figured it would be a relatively easy project. Yeah, right.

Wouldn't ya know it... after 5 hours of trying to figure out why my counts were coming out wrong, and why the eyelets were off track, I figured out ONE TINY LITTLE STITCH that shouldn't have been there. It's on row 5 of the chart, right at the beginning of the pattern. There's an extra Ssk where it SHOULD be a plain knit. ARGUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Keep in mind I frogged this damn thing about 17 times before FINALLY figuring out what the problem was. Isn't it amazing how just one little stitch can cause the biggest heartache, dilemma, and frustration? Thankfully, I found it, and I've already completed 12 rows into the shawl. Hopefully, I won't find any more errors, as I'm not THAT experienced a knitter to just look at the fabric and determine where something should go.

I have to say, I'm probably in the (majority) of knitters who absolutely HATE having published patterns with errors in them. It's annoying, frustrating, and if no errata is around, downright capable of turning even the most even-tempered person into a raging mass of boiling blood. You would think that by publishing a pattern, the designer has made extra sure that the design is capable of being executed correctly. Granted, it could be a typo by the printer or something, but I'm finding errors in patterns with increasing frequency. However, I will say that I am happy that we have designers who are willing to publish their patterns. I just wish that instead of errors becoming "the norm", that greater care was taken before sending them off to the publisher.

On the job front:
I haven't heard back from either recruiter as yet, but I'm not overly concerned, considering that I just had the interviews last week. One recruiter did call and leave a message to "touch base", but I was out until late Friday night and couldn't call her back. I'll be getting in touch with her Monday, and hopefully she'll have a job offer for me.

In the spirit realm:
Oriole totem showed itself to me today. A male and female pair. Their keynote is The Weaving of New Sunshine, and their cycle of power is Summer.

Some of the things that I feel Oriole is imparting to me:

1. Look for sunshine to show up within a two week period. Doing prayers and meditations with the oriole in connection to any project will help it to work out or move forward wonderfully within a two week period. All of this is because the eggs (usually 4 to 6) hatch in two weeks.

Hey, I could definitely use some of this in regard to the job front.

2. The oriole is a weaver. Its nests are intricately woven, and it reflects an increasing ability to weave your life along new lines--ones that bring greater joy. The oriole will help you to weave new sunshine into any area of life you desire. It will help you to rediscover your own inner child and a renewed sense of joy in life.

Oh, I'm hoping so.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Another day, another dollar

I had the second interview today up in CT. It really wasn't as bad a drive as I thought it would be... total time about 45 minutes, and if I am hired, I would be traveling against all commuter traffic, which would be wonderful.

I left the 4 hour long interview (yeah, my recruite said an hour... uh huh) feeling great. The feedback was positive, and I'm pretty sure they are going to offer me the position... again, though, it's only a temp position. HOWEVER, each person I spoke with said that
"officially" it's a temp position, but if you excel in your work, they will find a spot for you.

So now I have a decision to weigh. Assuming that both positions will be offered to me (positive thinking, right?) and knowing that one pays about $3.50 an hour less than the other, but is closer, I need to decide which job I would take. Both have GREAT opportunities for learning, advancement, and they all seem like people I could get along with. So, that's what I'll be doing over the next few days... trying to make a decision.

I also started my own webring called M.A.G.I.C.K.A.L Crafters Charity Ring. It's a ring for those individuals (websites or blogs) who do charity knitting/crochet/sewing and donate their items. So far I already have 4 sites that joined. If you're interested in joining/viewing the ring, just go to the link in my ring listings. :)

I've gotten about another 10 rows done on the shawl for Standing Rock, but I'm not really into it just yet. Unfortunately, it kinda shows in my stitches, so I'm thinking of frogging the whole thing and starting over again. There's really not alot done, but still, I'd like my donation to look like I cared when making it.

I still haven't gotten any suggestions on a shawl to make for myself, and I'm at a standstill.... knitter's block strikes again!

I've been looking around other sites and I've decided that I would LOVE to join a knit-along, but which one? Also, it would have to be for something that I already have the pattern for, or better yet, a free pattern. Shawls would be cool. :)

I've been using some candle magick to help me with my job problems, but I didn't really know I was doing it. When I normally use candle magick, I set a focused goal and send the energy on it's way. I didn't realize I was doing this, until one of the powers that be kinda smacked me in the mind with it. (Know what I mean?)

Anyway, for three days prior to my first interview, I would light a blue candle (extinguishing it at night for safety reasons), however, for the last two days, the days that I actually went on the interviews, I did NOT light the candle. For some reason, however, I know get the distinct mental image that I MUST light the candle for another three nights now that the interviews are over. My interpretation of this is that the energy is sent out initially, but during the time when I'm interviewing, I shouldn't have any conflicting magick occurring... I should be weaving my own magick at the time of the interview. In other words, the initial candle magick is a sort of "jump start", the REAL magick is what I say and do, and how I comport myself, during the interview. The follow-up magick, or little "nudge" is the three day lighting afterwards. Just something that came to me tonight.


I have to say that I'm pretty disgusted with blogger's comments system. I don't like that it's not really customizable, and when you click to leave a comment, it brings up the entire page again.... not really efficient, nor practical. I think I'm going to switch to another comment system... we'll see.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

One down, one to go...

I had one of my interviews today with the company in Tarrytown. I think it went exceptionally well, and I got great feedback from one of the people I interviewed with. She told me she was VERY pleased to have run across my resume', and that in fact she already sees that what I outlined in my resume' is correct and that I can definitely follow through on my skills. Apparantly, she's seen candidates that outright lie on their resume's and then can't back up what they say. I'm excited that I've already gotten this great feedback.

Of course, my recruiter told me it would only be a one or two hour interview. Imagine my shock when I was handed an itinerary containing about 15 names all spanning a time frame of about 6 hours! I really didn't mind, as I feel it can only provide me with more information and a better "vibe" of the people I would be working with. Overall, I was really pleased.

I called my recruiter right after I got home, and told her what I thought. I also told her I was definitely interested and to let me know the moment anyone contacted her about me. I think, though, that we will need to revisit the question of monetary compensation. Especially since the position I'm interviewing for tomorrow is considerably more. I think I could probably negotiate another $1.50/hour out of her.... we'll see.

Had a hell of a lightening storm shortly after I got home. It was so bad that one of my good friends called me to see how the interview went and I had to tell her in a rather hurried manner.... "Fine, lightening storm, I'll call you later/tomorrow, bye". (Sorry Emeryld)

Tomorrow's interview is going to go fine, I'm sure, I just don't really want to have to commute all the way to CT for a temp job. But, it's money, right?

On a knitting note, I actually started casting on for another critter blanket before I remembered that I had already completed 60. (*grin*) I guess I just got in the habit of knitting/crocheting these things that I forgot NOT to do so.

I also have one lone HUGE skein of Thick & Quick that I haven't a clue as to what to do with. I don't know if I should make a scarf, laprobe or what? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I picked up the garter stitch shawl I'm knitting for Standing Rock, but only knit about 7 rows before I realized I just wasn't "into it" tonight. I feel kind of tired, and rightly so, considering the length of that interview.

Tomorrow I'll start washing the rest of the blankets and finish packing them up. I hope the box is big enough... I'll probably wind up stuffing the heck out of it and it will weigh a ton, but better that than sending it in multiple boxes and having one or more get lost. Oh, wait, what the hell am I thinking? Do I really believe that if I send it all in one box that nothing adverse will happen to that box? Ugh, major brain fart... sorry everyone. Guess I really need to go to bed and catch up on some much needed sleep.