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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Blogger.... bad

Blogger's being a f**k-wit... it's not allowing me to login in to update my blog and change it around. Hell, it's not even giving me a prompt to do so. My cookies and javascript are fine, but still no go. I may have to switch to a different publishing method... I'll keep everyone posted.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The shawl from hell

I started The Shaped Triangle shawl from A Gathering of Lace. I've been wanting to do this shawl for AGES, and I chose the "Nevada" yarn (see pic in last post below this one) to do it in. It was looking beautiful, was draping nicely, and is so blessedly SOFT.

I've had to un-knit the @#$%^& thing, like, 15 times already! For some reason, I keep getting mis-counts on my stitches, and this beautiful yarn has a tendency to "stick" to itself... I wind up knitting stitches together that have no business being, well, together. Arguhhhhhh!!!!

Because I've had to un-knit, the yarn is starting to full just a little bit... so now it's got a little halo texture to it. I'm approximately on row 30-ish, so I don't really have alot started, and I'm tempted, oh so tempted, to just rip the whole thing out and start again. The only problem is, this is the first time I've actually used a "lace weight-ish" yarn (I usually use a fingering weight to make my shawls), and I've put SO much effort into it (it's really not easy for me to use lace weight.... we're talking a WHOLE lotta difference in technique for moi).

Resist the temptation.... must..... resist.... the temptation (to frog)!

On a very plus side..... NY Ren Faire started this past weekend!!!!!! Much fun was had, and I was so happy to see some people that I haven't seen in AGES! We finally have a Friends of Faire (FoF), and I signed up to see how it goes. It's in its infancy, but I see so much potential. Besides, considering REC pretty much destroyed our hang-out at the Grove, we need *someplace* to gather. I wonder what the Pennsic-goers are going to think of the new digs.

On the down side, I was really, REALLY stupid. I forgot to apply my sunscreen and wound up with a nice little burn on my shoulders, behind my neck ( I have shorter hair this season), and the most interesting bodice-burn in creation. I also think I developed a slight case of sun-poisoning. The area on my chest is a bit inflamed. I dug through all my stuff at home, and finally found the spf 45 sunscreen.... it's already packed in my bag for next weekend.

Ah well, we'll see what next weekend brings.... if I don't wind up choking myself on the yarn from the shawl from hell in the meantime.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

On my Goddes..... knitting content!

Well, it has been a while since my last actual knitting update, so here goes.

I was working on and off for several months on the Irish Diamond shawl in Folk Shawls. Last night I finally completed it! I still have to weave in the ends and wash, but finally, it's done! I used a mixed black acrylic with metallic and it looks scrumptious! Note to anyone making ANY project.... do NOT put down your WIP for months, pick it up, and fail to re-read the pattern instructions. I had to frog back about 20 rows after I wound up knitting every even row instead of purling. What a pain in the butt! I'd love to do this shawl again in a really light frouffy yarn sometime, just not quite yet.

As for my next project, I'm desperate for suggestions. I'd like to make another shawl but I'm not quite sure what to make. The following yarns are what I'd love to use, but I'm afraid that the verigated yarns will ruin any lace effect I try. For the first four yarns, I have two cones of each of them, totalling about 2500 yards for each "color". The yarns are 100% rayon, very "drapy" and oh-so-soft. It's about a fingering/lace weight.

Please help me with suggestions, I'm at a loss. I have the books Folk Shawls, Gathering of Lace, Knitters Shawls and Scarves, Stahmen's Shawls and Scarves, and a host of others. Feel free to also suggest any free online patterns. Heck, even suggest patterns that I've yet to buy if you think it will help.

My project for a knitted bag out of Folk Bags is presently stalled. I don't remember the name of the bag offhand, but it's the first one in the book.... the round one done completely as an I-cord and then sewn in upon itself to form both sides. Figure out why it's stalled? Yep, knitting nothing but a long rope of I-cord is B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

Oh, on a side note... I'm hoping to tweak my blog a little.... I just haven't found the right "flow" to it yet. I'd like to change just about everything.... background, layout, the whole thing. Feel free to offer suggestions for that as well.

Well, that's it for knitting news... until next time.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Hearty Fun and Embarassment

This past weekend was a fan-fuckin-tablous time! Pam's party was awesome! I was originally supposed to head up Friday afternoon-ish, after work, but since the work-day was longer than I expected, I wound up heading out Saturday around noon instead. Well, talk about a perfect day for swimming, drinking, and all-around comraderie. The water temp in the pool couldn't have been more perfect, the people, as usual, were the best people to hang out with on a hot day, and the eats were awesome.

Of course, I was scrambling around at the last minute trying to find summer-wear clothes that fit... didn't find any, by the way, because I've managed to drop a whole TWO SIZES since last summer. TWO SIZES!!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to have lost all that weight, I feel better, and I'm looking great... but dayum!... now I've got to go shopping, and I really, REALLY HATE shopping. Not to mention, it left me with pretty much nothing to wear to the party. Even my swimsuit didn't fit anymore... I was popping out left and right all day! Even Pam commented that it was time for a new suit *laugh*. She was ever so sweet.... rummaging through all her old clothes to see if she had something in my "new" size for me to wear. (thanks sweety)

The only not-so-happy thing that happened at the party was my own silly fault. Someone got the longbows out (archery paraphenalia), and of course, loving archery as I do, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon, grabbed myself a bow and some arrows, and forgetting all the lessons I had learned, preceded to give myself one HELL of a longbow hickey to my left arm. It hurt like a mo-fo for about 5 minutes, but I really didn't think anything of it. Well, an hour later my arm was already starting to sport a lovely purpling bruise on the inside of my elbow, followed by even more, though smaller, bruises down along the inside of my forearm. By the next morning, I looked like I had been beaten (not in the "good" way), and could have been an actor on some PBS after-school special touting how abuse is running rampant in the suburbs. Oh my friggin' lord.... it's HORRIBLE. It looks horrendous, and I had to go to work today! Thankfully, it doesn't hurt at all.... but it looks awful!

So, everyone at work had who saw it (you can't miss it) had to ask what happened, so I wound up relaying the story about 12 times. But that's not the worst. I had to do some shopping after work today. Went to Shoprite to pick up some things, and caught a few funny stares being aimed my way. But, that's still not the worst of it. Oh, no. Some random lady whom I've never seen before approaches me "delicately" and says, "I realize it's none of my business, dear, but I would encourage you to leave whoever it was that did that to you IMMEDIATELY and without haste. No one deserves to be treated that way, and you are too young to live with a lifetime of THAT!" Ack! I had to then swiftly reassure her that it was an archery accident, and not some beefy man out to get his kicks by beating up on his girlfriend. She didn't seem to believe me until I finally reenacted the whole damn incident, waving my arms about in the store, positioning as if to let loose an invisible arrow at the produce section, and reiterated that I do NOT allow men to hit me... randomly. Then SHE got embarrassed and it was my turn to calmly tell her that I appreciated her concern and that it took real guts to walk up to a stranger and offer them some smart advice. Oy, I'm still rattling my head around that that whole incident. And yes, you can stop laughing now.

That was my day in a rather cracked nutshell. As for work, the study I did today went perfectly.... and it damn well should, as it's the third freakin time I've had to repeat it. I also figured out that in the last month I've spent about $10,000 of corporate money to set up my own lab area with all my bright and shiny pipettes and appliances and stuff. And that's just to get me functional.... the actual "organization" comes later. YIPE!

I plan to attend Celtic Fling in PA in a couple of weeks.... yayyyyyy me! Can't wait to go.... it'll be another first for me. I'm hoping to attend a bunch of different venues this season, and now that I've got the income to support it.... go me! hehehehe

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Awake, alive, and ... GAINFULLY EMPLOYED!

Finally, a chance to bring that long-awaited update to everyone that's been emailing me, trying to find out if I'm alive or what. I've been tied up (with WORK, you perverts), so it's been really hectic trying to find time to post an update. But all good things come to those who work really REALLY super-hard on the physical plane (and the meta-physical plane, just for good measure).

First, yes, I'm still alive (as you can no doubt determine by the very fact that I'm posting... duh). As my friends, you already KNOW that I tend to channel the Bear during the winter months. Hibernation is just natural to a Shaman who delves into Animal Magick all the time... didn't you realize this by now? No? Well, now you can begin to understand. *LOL*

Over the winter I've been busy with work as a temp research associate. I was very happy to learn that this company for which I'm working, wanted me... and got me, based on my knowledge and skills, and that they weren't just looking for a "body to fill space". As it turns out, the research that they are doing coincides tremendously with the skills I already possess... mainly, non-surgical intra-tracheal dosing routes, animal handling and study experience, and the ability to think on my feet. Of course, the fact that I can actually perform the analysis on the samples I acquire put me over the top with them, hence why I got the offer through the temp agency to work for them. As it turns out, and after 8 months of working as a temp... (wait for it).... they decided that they loved my work ethic, loved my ability to adapt to changes in the studies, loved my personality (I fit in wonderfully with the other freaks in my group), so..... (here it comes)..... they've HIRED ME FOR A FULL TIME, PERMANENT POSITION as a Research Scientist! *you can applaud now... gifts are also accepted*

That's right guys... I am full-time, permanent, with an exceptional salary, all the bennies you could ever conceive, and most importantly, I LOVE what I do! It's such a relief to know that I don't have to worry about when my contract ends, or if I'll find another contract/job soon... I don't have to go on unemployment (yet again), and I don't have to be AS conscientious (sp?) about spending money (read: tight-fisted) as I have had to in the past. What does this mean? Well, for starters, Ren Faire is coming, and I intend to spend every weekend hanging out at the Tux with all my friends (okay, so that doesn't change things much). However, I won't need to have a room-mate (unless I choose to have one, and if so, one that I can actually have some FUN times with) and I can afford alcohol, without the need to bum off of others all the time. It also means that I can pay off my debts just that much more quickly (already started that and paid about half of them off already), and eventually, once the debt is managed, I can finally save and buy a brand-spankin-new-car (though, that's a little ways off just yet). So, I am extatic about my new position, actively learning all I can, and looking forward to many MANY years with this company. Color me thrilled!!!

Let's see... first, mom and dad are doing fine right now. We had a small scare earlier in Dec/Jan when dad began experiencing his heart episodes again. We took him in for an angiogram, and they discovered another artery that was.... *gasp*... 99% blocked! He had another stent inserted, and seems to be doing fine. Occasionally, though, he still feels the need to take a Nitro, but it's few and far between... not one continuous episode as before. Mom's surgery for the cancer on her face went exceptionally well, and the scar is healing nicely. She's already had the second surgery to minimize the scar (plastic surgery), and you can hardly tell at first glance that anything happened. So far, there has been no reccurance, so things seem to be looking up.

As of right now, my brother and his family are visiting us from Georgia. They flew up last night, and will be staying until next Saturday. Whooo Hooooo! But, let me tell you... having two little terrors, otherwise known as my nephews, running amok in the house if very trying to this newly birthday'd 38-year-old. NOW, I remember why I like other people's children, but prefer NOT to have any of my own. I can spoil to my heart's content, but when it comes time to disipline, or *shudder* poopy-pants, I can gleefully hand them back to mommy or daddy and say with all conviction, "Not my job." *snicker* Seriously, it's wonderful having them here, and I love them all dearly... just.... please.... don't wake my sleep-deprived body out of bed before 6:30 a.m. tomorrow, k'?

You know who you are. I apologize for not dragging myself out of hibernation to call, but if you're my friends, you'll understand. I love you all... you're the best, and I wouldn't trade you for anything. Sorry to have missed some birthdays, but hey, just about all of you forgot mine so plfffffttttt. *laugh* For those going through some aching times.... remember I'm here, I will ALWAYS be here, and nothing can hurt or defeat you unless you let it. I'm definitely looking forward to Faire and hanging out with you all again. Let's plan a party.... my room.... Friday night before the first day of Faire.... let's rock!

I opened up a suggestion on the Wench's Board about a possible Pirate Auction of our own at NYRF. They do a bang-up job at the one at MDRF, but we should have our own. As it happens, people apparantly picked up on the idea and thought it a good one. Since I don't know the first thing about organizing something like this, I basically am keeping my involvement (so far) to donating some of my hand-made shawls to the cause. Yes, that's right, the cool shawls that I make will soon be available for bids, once we get the auction set up. I don't know if it's do-able for this year, but soon it should be up and running (I hope).

I can't believe it, but there's this guy... (yeah, all dissertations seems to start like that, don't they?). Anyway, I met him at Faire about, oh, 3 or 4 years ago. Basically, we never dated, never hung out, and never did anything, but we felt a "connection". He was just divorced, seemed to have some similar interests, and of course, being the kinky wench I am (and the kinky rogue he was), we.... talked....a good game about what we'd like to do to one another. As it turns out, we spoke quite a bit in email.... making plans, etc. However, he up and wrote me one day that he had "found someone" and was engaged! Well, after I wrote him a scathing email, and put him on my "do not bother" filter, I never heard from him again. Fine by me, I was "over it" the next day, realizing that I didn't owe him anything, and vice versa. No biggie, right? Anyway, get this.... he starts emailing me about 3 weeks ago... three emails in total. Telling me how he's still engaged, still in love with is lady, but wants to make sure that what happened with us was "water under the bridge" and he wanted to apologize. Um.... what happened? Where was I? What did we do? Needless to say, I really didn't consider him (or his feelings) important enough for me to respond... yet he keeps writing! He's even threatened to come up to me at Faire and speak to me... um, whatever. I hope he does, because then I can very politely tell him that, in fact, he really ISN'T that important to me, so therefore I didn't bother responding. But, three emails? If he's so all-fired het up about his lady, why bother writing me three times to say.... well..... nothing? Oy, men, I just don't get it.

Also, someone named Robert called my house last week, but when I got on the phone, the line was dead (not hung up, just.... dead). I'm hoping it was this really gorgeous guy I met at Faire about 3 years ago... he made my head spin, and I'd love to see him again. I hope he'll call back. *evil, wicked grin*

Well, I'm alive. I don't have any flu or other type of health problems, as such. However, I've begun to notice my right hand (and to a lesser extent, my left hand) hurting terribly when doing certain things.... like knitting. I also get a little numb when pipetting at work. I'm HOPING it's NOT carpal tunnel, and I'm leaning more toward it being tendonitis. I'm waiting for the first of next month (when my new position's health insurance kicks in) before going to the doctor. Hopefully, it will just be a matter of resting the hands (read: no knitting for a while), or maybe re-working how I do some things. Pray that it ISN'T carpal tunnel.

Well, that's my update in a rather large nutshell. I'll be updating more frequently from now on. Oh-oh, something just crashed upstairs... GOTTA JET!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Yes, I'm still alive...

It's been a really long while since I've updated my blog, so here it is folks. Yes, I'm still alive and kicking, though it seems that despite my best efforts, my typical winter hibernation mode is starting to kick in. We can NOT let this happen! Now, granted, for the last two-three weeks I have been working every day, long hours, and even going in on the weekends, which kind of negates the possibility of a "life". However, this weekend will be my last weekend having to go into work! (at least until another study like this one comes up in the farrrrrrrrrrr future) So yay for overtime, but I'm damned ready to sleep in one morning instead of getting up at the butt-crack of dawn for three weeks straight.

To recap as succinctly as possible the last several days. Firstly, Steve and Kathy's Halloween bash rocked! There was much fun had by all, and the kitty litter cake was awesome! I especially liked the tootsie-roll turds.... mmmmmm, yum! Thanks for inviting me guys, you're great!

As for non-work stuff.... that's the extent of my "fun" for the last couple of weeks. Yeah, I know... I've got to get me a life, but hey, I can do that now that I'm not going to be working on the weekends again. :)

As for work... going strong and going great! Though there were a few minor irritations with projects, on the grand scale everything seems to be rocking together nicely. By irritations, I refer to a few like the following: the formulations department not having the compound ready on time (necessitating a delay to me by about 1 1/2 hours to an already 10 hour day), no oxygen for the anesthesia machine (which I found out about the morning OF the study I was to begin running, even though I had ordered the O2 delivered DAYS before), formulations putting the compound that they made up into vials that I could not get the syringe into so I could draw it up to dose (yeah, and these are PhD's???). All in all, though, I have to admit that these minor irriations and delays won me some bocu overtime, so I can't complain too much! :)

I won some yarn on ebay that is absolutely to DIE for! It's a handpainted lace-weight yarn done in natural browns... absolutely beautiful and 2000 yards of it! I've got a couple of bids in on others, and I'm hoping I can win those too. I've already delegated Yule gifts for everything, but the handpainted yarn is going to definitely become a wonderful shawl. I've also just realized that I have WAY too much yarn than I know what to do with. Unfortunately, I have to admit to a sever case of YAS (yarn acquisition syndrome).... I can only hope they find a cure in time, before my home is overrun moreso than it already is! Geesh, half a spare bedroom already full to the ceiling with yarn and I still want more... what's a girl to do?

Can you believe I actually drove home in SLEET tonight? Arguhhhh, noooooooo.... fall is not allowed to be over yet! It's the first real fall we've had in years and it's my favorite season! Damn it, I'm not ready for winter yet! *sniffle*

Well, that's what I've been up to for the last few weeks. Not really exciting, I must admit, but thankfully, I'll have the opportunity to "get a life" now. So, call me, email me, hell, send me smoke signals and let's party! ;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Do the funky chicken...

Don't ask... I have no idea why I chose that title. :)

Last weekend was relaxing.... nothing to do and I did, well, nothing. I finally caught up on some much needed sleep, and started a few charity projects. But damn, I was bored with nothing requiring my attention or time! Needless to say, I was actually excited to be going to work on Monday, just for the sheer joy of having something to do. (Yes, I know it's pathetic, but there it is) LOL

Honestly, I enjoy my work. I ran a study on Monday that went well, and the data I collected seems promising. The real shocker was yesterday... we got the results from the plasma assay and it looks like we may have a very exciting compound! I'm doing a duration study this afternoon and tomorrow morning on that compound, hence the reason I don't have to go into work until about noon today. I have to dose this evening around 6:30 PM, and then when I go into work tomorrow, I challenge at 6:30 AM.... all in all, a rather long, drawn out study, but well worth it. This will tell us if the compound has any kind of lasting effect... and we're hoping it does. This Saturday will also mark the beginning of my weekend morning dosing (along with the others in my department). Thankfully, I still have off this Sunday so I can attend Mourn's masked gather on Saturday night! Whooo Hoooo! I'll be arriving early to her home so I can help her set up and get everything organized for the event (and because I'm such a lame-ass, it's an opportunity to let me get there in daylight so I don't get lost). :) The following Saturday, I'll be at Kath's Halloween party... that is, if she ever sends me directions to her home...grin... hint, hint... nudge, nudge... HEY YOU! *wink*

The past two days have been kind of a "funk" for me. I've been missing my friends, feeling a little lonely, and trying to convince myself that it's all good... that it's okay to NOT have anyone "special" in my life. Of course, after my PARF adventures, I remember EXACTLY why I chose to focus on my career, and NOT a "relationship". *laugh* Thank the Goddess for smacking me upside the head with that reminder! Nonetheless, I AM feeling a little lonely of late... I honestly think it's being triggered by two things... one, the weather... it's getting colder and the days are getting shorter, and my inner Bear totem is telling me it's time to start thinking of hibernation. Yes, I'm a winter hibernator, though I'm trying desperately NOT to be one this year. The second thing that I think is triggering my "lonely" feeling is... funny enough... the new phone/plan I switched to. Yes!, really, I think that has something to do with it too! I'm realizing that I have a new plan, with alot more minutes, a new phone that's cool and has assigned ringtones and everything, and not alot of calls have been coming in. *pout* It's just one more reminder that I'm lonely for company/companionship. Okay, time to get out of the funk, at least in my posting *grin*.

I DID get a call from a wonderful guy that I met at faire this season... Jade! Spoke to him for a little while on the phone last night and we both promised to get together soon for coffee. Goddess, he has an absolutely wonderful energy that I love to be in the presence of... very calming and focused. I'm surprised to find that in a Scorpio, but being a Pisces myself, it's only natural that I'm drawn to energy like that. I can't wait to speak with him about his beliefs and practices... should be an interesting experience. :)

Mom's doing wonderfully. The sutures are out, and the scar is actually looking really good, considering. It's still a bit painful for her, and she still has to keep applying the antibiotic ointment, but it's really closing up nicely. She has to go back in three weeks to have it looked at by the plastic surgeon, and we'll see after that. She's, unfortunately, not been able to take her Ibuprofen because it's a blood thinner (blood thinner + surgery = bad idea), so she's been trying to deal with the pain of her arthritis with Tylenol... it's not really effective. So, she's been in a lot of pain since the start of this whole cancer thing. Thankfully, if the doctor says it's okay, she can go back on the Ibuprofen in another week.

Dad is doing okay, though his getting fatigued easily still concerns me. He has an appointment with a dermatologist soon to check out his skin (remember I convinced him to get it checked out when we found out about Mom's Basil Cell Carcinoma), and I can't believe that he's actually going to go! I'm hoping that it's nothing... that it will only be some silly skin discolorations and that will be that. He's still feeling the "depression episodes" after his heart attacks, and this would just be one more thing to send him into another funk. He's never really dealt with his heart attack(s) depression, so it lingers every now and then. All in all, his spirits right now are good, and I'm hoping that they stay that way.

I've completed about 5 scarves and 3 hats for my winter donations to Standing Rock Reservation. I've also finished 1 shawl for them, as well as a "capelet" shawl I designed. I'm still waiting to hear from anyone that has a special Yule request for a donated item made in their name, so if you'd like one made... just post a request here. :) I'm also putting out the word to any Ren-Faire Knitters out there... let's get a Ren-Knit donation together! I think it'd be fun, and there are organizations that could really use the donations. So pass the word around and let's see if we can't get a bunch of us wenches (and yes, rogues) to make up a donation box of hand-knit/crocheted items to give to charity. Hey, if nothing else, it's something to do over the winter months! So, if you're interested, post a reply and I'll organize it!

I haven't had much of an opportunity to bring my drum up to the mountain and meditate for the last few days. Aside from being busy at work, the weather hasn't really been cooperating either. It's either been too cold, too wet, or just plain icky. Ah well, guess I'll have to revert to the old standby regime of quiet time meditation. Unfortunately, I live in a rather conservative area, so not many people around here do that sort of thing. *pout*

Well, that's about it for now. I'm still trying to sort out the different poems floating around in my head, so I'll post another as soon as it organizes itself down on paper. :) By the way, please feel free to constructively critisize any of my work... I appreciate the input, and at the very least, it lets me know that you guys are reading it! *grin* Oh, and one last thing... I've officially lost 35 pounds to date! Wait until faire next year... you won't recognize me! Oh, wait... damn, that means buying all new garb... *sigh*... oh well, some things can't be helped, I guess.